How much will it cost?

How much will it cost?

We provide a comprehensive service, complete all forms and compile the claim as required by HMRC. Our fee also includes dealing with any queries raised by HMRC in relation to the claim. 

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Our fee structure is as follows:

  • £275.00 for a standard VAT claim of up to 200 invoices
    (most claims fall in this band)
  • then £90 per tier of additional 100 invoices…
  • £365.00 201-300 invoices
  • £455.00 301-400 invoices
  • £545.00 401-500 invoices (etc)

Other services available (please enquire):

  • – Assistance throughout your project to ensure that you are charged the correct rate of VAT by suppliers
  • – Assistance in recovering VAT that you have been wrongly charged during the project
  • – Checking your VAT claim against your records
  • – Dealing with appeals in respect of rejected claims
  • – Taking cases to Tribunal


  • £30.00 Special delivery fees (£45 for 200+ invoices)

 We are not VAT registered and so no VAT is added to the cost!

You can agree a fixed fee at today’s rates, even if you will not be ready for a year or so.

Payment to us is due once the claim has been completed and before the claim is submitted to HMRC. We are currently finalising claims within 7 working days. HMRC say that claims take about 6 weeks to be processed following submission, subject to there being no queries.