Low fixed fee and hassle free VAT refunds for DIY builders

new build vat

You may be starting out, almost there or have already completed your project. Whatever stage you are at, ensuring you only pay the correct amount of VAT and then claim back as much eligible VAT as possible is extremely important.

As a fellow ‘self builder’ I have shared the excitement and stress of building a new house.  As an accountant I can assist you with your VAT claim, dealing with HMRC and the VAT issues connected with a new build or conversion.

We offer a fixed fee based on time spent and not on the value of your claim. 



Self build VAT claims are usually allowed on the following projects:

  • A new build dwelling
  • Barn conversion to form a new dwelling
  • Converting business premises into a residential dwelling
  • Conversions of dwellings that have not been lived in for 10 years
  • Building or converting one of the above into a holiday home
    (if used for personal use only)



You may:

  • Have recently completed your project
  • Be close to completing your project
  • Be just starting out

Whatever stage you are at, recovering the right amount of VAT in line with HMRC rules is very important.

We can take this hassle and stress away for you!



We offer a comprehensive service to help you reclaim the eligible VAT incurred on your project and this can include one or all of the following services:

  • Completing and submitting your VAT claim to HMRC
  • Ensure that you are charged the correct amount of VAT during your project
  • Recovering VAT that you have been incorrectly charged on your project
  • Dealing with appeals and Tribunal cases

For completion of your VAT claim all you have to do is send us all of your paperwork and we do the rest!

  • All forms completed
  • Agree a fixed fee
  • We deal with HMRC
  • Our calculations also show the total spent on the project
    (based on the invoices provided)
aatAndrew McDonald is licensed and regulated by the AAT under licence number 5770